Delegating what you need and increasing your productivity!


Delegating what you need and increasing your productivity!


GO TASKING is a Virtual Assistance Agency.

We support startups and entrepreneurs to manage their workload, aiming to streamline their time and resources, increasing productivity, and reducing additional expenses, allowing them to focus on the engine of their business.

We help delegate those tasks and/or activities that they cannot perform, either due to lack of time or resources, because we know how overwhelming it can be not to not having enough time to handle all those recurring tasks in your business.


This reduction comes from the fact that the VA does not require costs for transportation, food, office space, absences, legal provisions, or contractual obligations. In other words, we offer you the same functions or tasks that a hired person carries out, with the difference that you are outsourcing the service at a much more affordable price.

This is one of the great benefits of virtual assistance; you can hire on a seasonal, project or schedule basis. Therefore, you are saving on the full-time fixed salary, avoiding paying for "unproductive" hours.

 By delegating activities, the work is done efficiently, faster and contributes to the achievement of objectives, as if the work is divided, the overload decreases, and consequently, stress decreases as well.

We are compromised to deliver a valuable service, working in a neat and clear way, with no ambiguities, considering that it is always necessary to maintain a constant communication flow to better guide the results! If you require a special type of assistance, you can tell us, so we can look for the best alternative solution together.


Administrative support

  • Mail management
  • Agenda organization
  • Scheduling and booking of meetings/appointments
  • Calendar management
  • Service payment management
  • Document scanning

Commercial Assistance

  • Customer/supplier prospecting (leads)
  • Scheduling of meetings
  • Preparation of quotations and proposals
  • Commercial follow-up and invoicing

Bilingual Support

  • Professional ENG-SPA /SPA-ENG translations
  • Writing of letters, reports and cv (resume)
  • Preparation of material and presentations (Word, Ppt, Pdf)
  • Editing and proofreading
  • Contact and meeting scheduling in English
Additional services
  • RRSS management (answering queries, messages, and publishing content)
  • Online shopping
  • Audio transcriptions
  • Research of Information
  • Follow up of mailings
  • Preparation of CV
  • RRSS management (answering queries, messages, and publishing content)
  • Online shopping
  • Audio transcriptions
  • Research of Information
  • Follow up of mailings
  • Preparation of CV
If you need other kind of support, tell us what it is and how we could help you!

What they are saying

I requested a translation for my business and the delivery was very fast and professional. I highly recommend it.
Rosita Abugoosh


Virtual assistance consists of a professional who offers different specialized support services to several companies and/or entrepreneurs from a remote location; supporting them in delegating activities that they are unable to cover, either due to lack of time or resources. The word Assistant refers to SUPPORT.

Being a profession still unknown to many people, there are those who confuse it with telemarketing. The telemarketers that we all are familiar with, which are those who are dedicated to telephone sales, belong to companies that are dedicated exclusively to this type of functions; they have nothing to do with virtual assistance, which performs many more tasks, focusing on the requirements of each client. There is also the confusion that a Virtual Assistant is a mobile application. And it is true that there is software that are called Virtual Assistants, but the two should not be confused. There is a frequent relationship with being a secretary, however, it is a professional with a basic training that provides support services, hence the concept of “Assistance” and not necessarily because it is a secretary as such.

The VA service benefits the worker, that is, the contractor, and the benefits are many! But here is a list of the main ones: 

Improved management and time savings. 

Cost reduction: This reduction derives from the fact that AV does not require costs for transportation, food, provisions, or physical space, since everything is done remotely. In short, it is 100% digital work. 

Increased productivity 

Values based on work: You can hire for a period of work or for a specific project. 

Stress reduction 

Autonomy: The service is paid per hour or per project. This also offers additional availability in high seasons or activity peaks.

Creativity, autonomy, problem-solving, planning, proficiency, and effective communication.

Real estate agents, authors, commercial or management executives, financial advisors, entrepreneurs, general managers. They all need support. The areas of performance are varied. Here are some examples: Customer service, social media, tourism, administration (the latter is in high demand in the market today).

No. The virtual assistant is a help/support to meet the client’s objectives. There is no contractual relationship.

The business model of Virtual Assistance is composed of clients and not managers, unlike a secretary. This is because virtual assistance is a remote assistance service, which is paid either by the hour or by the project, according to each client’s needs; however, there are no contractual obligations.


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